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box 59x41x36mm white bottom

Product no.: D311

box transparent extern dimension 59x41x36mm,
intern dimension 53x35x32mm, white bottom, clear top.
boîte transparentes dim.extérieures 59x41x36mm,
dim.intérieures 53x35x32mm, fond blanc, couvercle transparent étanche à la poussière.
12 pcs. per set

6.90 / set(s) *
In stock

metal stand h 150mm b 135mm/ chevalet métal

Product no.: S107
metal stand height 150mm basis 135mm
chevalet métal hauteur 150mm base 135mm
5.10 *
In stock

acrylic cube mat 30mm, Acrylique cube de verre mat (Farbe: Mattiert)

acrylic cube mat 30x30x30mm
Acrylique cube de verre mat 30x30x30mm

6.90 *
In stock

easel with sliding top / supports mobiles 40x68x50mm

Product no.: S001

two part easels with sliding top piece made of transparent plastic
supports mobiles avec ajustable élément d'appui. Complètement transparents.
size 40mmx68mmx50mm 10 pcs. per Set

5.90 / set(s) *
In stock

Acrylic step display with 3 steps 240x240x240mm

Product no.: DT03

Acrylic step display with 3 steps, step surface 240x80mm step height 80mm. Total size 240x240x240mm (BxHxT), clear acrylic 5mm thick.
Escalier acrylique transparent avec trois marches, surface 240x80 hauteur 80mm. Taille totale 240x240x240mm (BxHxT), 5mm épaisseur.

29.90 *
In stock

LED-magnifier / loupe 10x

Product no.: L206

white painted light metal frame housing Loupe Doublet 10x Ø25mm with 2 LED lights
loupe compte-fil, double lentille, 10x grossisment, Ø25mm, métal blanche, 2 LED-lumières

14.50 *
In stock
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We sell minerals in all prize-sectors. Our speciality are fine mineral specialities, systematik-minerals from all over the world.

Show calendar

mineralbox takes part in a lot of mineral shows all over Europe. Here is our show calendar.

mineral show in Lahr Germany 2019

mineral show in Lahr Germany 2019

mineralbox presents the 23st Ortenauer Mineral Show in Lahr - Germany (black forest) April 28nd 2019