metal stands / chevalets métal

metal stands / chevalets métal
metal stands can be used to place your heavier collectables. They are chrome-plated, which increases the look of your items.
chevalets métal pour votre choses plus lourds. Ils sont chromées.

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Product no.: S101

metal stand height 35mm basis 30mm
chevalet métal hauteur 35mm base 30mm

2.90 *
Delivery weight: 9 g

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Product no.: S102
metal stand height 60mm basis 40mm
chevalet métal hauteur 60mm base 40mm
3.20 *
Delivery weight: 18 g

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Product no.: S103

metal stand height 70mm basis 50mm
chevalet métal hauteur 70mm base 50mm

3.50 *
Delivery weight: 22 g

In stock

Product no.: S104

metal stand height 85mm basis60mm
chevalet métal hauteur 85mm base 60mm

3.80 *
Delivery weight: 37 g

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Product no.: S105

metal stand height 100mm basis 80mm
chevalet métal hauteur 100mm base 80mm

4.20 *
Delivery weight: 59 g

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Product no.: S106

metal stand height 135mm basis 90mm
chevalet métal hauteur 135mm base 90mm

5.10 *
Delivery weight: 67 g

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Product no.: S107
metal stand height 150mm basis 135mm
chevalet métal hauteur 150mm base 135mm
5.50 *
Delivery weight: 130 g

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Product no.: S108

metal stand height 210mm basis 170mm
chevalet métal hauteur 210mm base 170mm

5.90 *
Delivery weight: 156 g

In stock

Product no.: MA80120

Metal holder on a transparent acrylic base (Ø80mm height 10mm). The metal holder consists of two movable arms of 60mm and a central pole of 110mm. Measured from the two arms, the center pole is 75mm high.

Support métallique sur socle acrylique transparent (Ø80mm hauteur 10mm). Le support métallique se compose de deux bras mobiles de 60 mm et d'un barre centrale de 110 mm. Mesuré à partir des deux bras, le barre central mesure 75 mm de haut.

8.90 *
Delivery weight: 75 g

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