magnifier / loupe

magnifiers to look for small minerals and magnifier to put in front of a cabinet piece
loupe compte-fil pour examiner les plus petites minéraux. Loupe pour la vitrine pour accentuer une tres belle pièce

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Product no.: L206

white painted light metal frame housing Loupe Doublet 10x Ø25mm with 2 LED lights
loupe compte-fil, double lentille, 10x grossisment, Ø25mm, métal blanche, 2 LED-lumières

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Product no.: L209
chrome plated metal frame and chrome plated housing Loupe Doublet 20x Ø25mm with 2 LED lights, 1 UV light
loupe compte-fil, double lentille, 20x grossisment, Ø25mm, métal chromé, 2 LED-lumières, 1 UV lumière
39.50 *
Delivery weight: 130 g

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Product no.: L202

Chrome plated metal frame and housing Loupe Doublet 16x Ø20mm
loupe compte-fil, double lentille, 16x grossisment, Ø20mm, métal chromé

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Delivery weight: 40 g

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Product no.: L211

Plastic frame and housing Loupe Ø50mm. 10x magnification
loupe compte-fil, 10x grossisment, Ø50mm, plastique noir

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Delivery weight: 120 g

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Product no.: L110

Portable magnifier, magnification 4x, 8 LED Lights, 1 black light, needs three AAA-cells (not included)


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Delivery weight: 130 g

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