boxes / boîtes

Put your values and collectables in boxes for safekeeping.
boîtes pour collecter votres choses de valeur

Micro-mount boxes made of plastic

 Micro-mount boxes 28x28x22mm with a clear, white or black base.
Ideally suited for dust-free storage of minerals or other collectibles!

Thumbnail boxes with lupe in the lid / Boîte à couvercle-loupe

Thumbnail boxes transparent with lupe in the lid to present small things big
Boîte à couvercle-loupe transparente.

transparent boxes / boîtes Polystyrol

transparent boxes
boîtes Polystyrol transparente

collector boxes

boxes with clear top, bottom in black or white
boîtes avec fond blanc ou noir, couvercle transparent

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Thumbnail box clear / boîte Micro-Mount transparente

Product no.: D012

Thumbnail box transparent extern dimension 28x28x22mm,
clear bottom, clear top. Available with three different bottom colors for the same price.

boîte Micro-Mount transparente dim.extérieures 28x28x22mm,
fond transparent, couvercle transparent. 

48 pcs. per set

8.90 / set(s) *
In stock
Delivery weight: 180 g

box 40x29x23mm black bottom

Product no.: D304

box transparent extern dimension 40x29x23mm, intern dimension 35x24x20mm
black bottom, clear top.
boîte transparentes dim.extérieures 40x29x23mm, dim.intérieures 35x24x20mm,
fond noir, couvercle transparent étanche à la poussière.

16 pcs. per set

7.90 / set(s) *
In stock
Delivery weight: 10 g


Product no.: D615

stable stackable Transparent  box with the dimensions (240x180x100mm) und internal dimensions (235x175x90mm) /

Boîte  transparente, empilable, très solide en dimensions (240x180x100mm) et  dimensions intérieures (235x175x90mm)


17.50 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 435 g
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